However, once I tried espresso on the beans from Kenya,I became obsessed with coffee. I started to read a lot about beans, their origin, their entire path from the berries to the cup. I bought my first pour-over, and that’s when it all started.


Anna Podolyak

is the champion in the discipline of Cezve / Ibrik Championship (Ukraine, 2017)

Once I saw an article about the Ukrainian Champion at the World Cup. I thought: «I want this for myself.» In ten years, I did it.


Olexander Benitsky

is the champion in Latte Art discipline (Ukraine, 2017)

Coffee is so various; it has many sides. It can take the whole life to study it: the ways to grow and process it, to roast and make it.


Oksana Vitinska

is the champion in the Brewers Cup discipline (Ukraine, 2017)

I am going to widen my horizons, to talk to the best, to become the better version of myself. Coffee culture evolves dynamically. It stimulates to constantly look for something new.


Ivan Yaremchuk

is the champion in the Coffee In Good Spirits discipline (Ukraine, 2017)

I’ve always drunk coffee. The best gift for yourself is to have a cup of good coffee. Later I learned that I might have a profession connected with it, a dream job!


Alina Vitrenko

is the champion in the Cup Testing discipline (Ukraine, 2017)